Control Room Monitoring

A control room is a facility that monitors alarm events from your security system. Once an alarm event is received the control room will implement whatever procedure has been requested by the client i.e. to call after hours recalls, send a patrolman or, in the event of a holdup situation, call the Police (Graded control rooms only).


Control Room Monitoring Standards

All control rooms are graded by The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd. (ASIAL) who operates a grading scheme for alarm monitoring centres.  This is a well-respected system of independent inspections that check compliance with Australian Standard 2201.2:2004 (Intruder Alarm Systems – Monitoring Centres).

Typically, the items that are covered in the standard are:

the construction of the centre, together with its physical design and fire protection

access into the centre and its 'modus operandi'

ventilation systems and emergency breathing equipment

power supply arrangements

communications (telephones, duress and radio)

redundancy within the monitoring equipment


The ASIAL Scheme seeks to provide customers with the reassurance that the standards applied at a monitoring centre are independently audited on a regular basis.

Certification grades range from A1 (highest) to C3 (lowest). The control room that we at Pinkerton Security use is an A1 facility.

Grade A1 facilities are purpose built to carry out all of the required tasks.

The facility itself is a high security standalone site with restricted access to all doors, video surveillance at all entry points, a minimum of two staff on duty 24/7 and with extra staff on duty at busy times. The site has an alternate power supply by means of a generator. This is to maintain monitoring of all clients in the event of power failure. Emergency communications are available in the event of a telecommunications failure in the region and alternate alarm receivers are in place in the event of failure of any units.
The control room itself has an intruder alarm connected to perimeter doors as well as holdup and/or duress alarms. The monitoring of these systems is carried out by another A1 control room thereby offering the site itself total protection.
In summary why risk the monitoring of your premises to an ungraded facility with limited resources and staff when an A1 facility is available through Pinkerton Security.