High Risk Sites

Most security systems use an existing or dedicated phone line (landline) as the means to communicate alarm events to the control room. For higher risk sites, for insurance purposes and/or accreditation purposes, there is sometimes a need for a secondary communication path to the control room in the event of the primary communication path (landline) being compromised.


This system has been with us since the original digital mobile phones were released. The GSM uses the 2G network. The feedback from the main telecommunications providers is that little new infrastructure is being provided for the 2G network. This would indicate that the system somewhere in time will have an end of life. This is a wireless communication path with full redundancy.



If a GPRS system is chosen it should be on the 3G network. The 3G network is constantly being expanded along with very fast communication time. GPRS is generally considered a primary communication path along with a phone line (landline) being a secondary communication path in the event of GPRS failure. This is a wireless communication path with full redundancy.



This means of communication is generally used in conjunction with other communication options like GPRS and landline. Ethernet uses a site’s existing internet connection. As the internet connectivity of some of the smaller outlying towns is still being expanded this means of communication needs to be confirmed for the area in question to confirm serviceability. This communication path will inevitably only get better.