Medical Alarms

A medical alarm is your direct link for assistance 24/7. This not only reassures you that help is close by but also gives you independence.

Carrying or wearing a personal medical transmitter allows you freedom of movement within your premises and yard. In the event of an accident or fall, activating the medical alarm will initiate a process for assistance to be contacted.

The medical transmitters can be waterproof with open air range being up to 100 metres. The range will reduce however depending on what the signal needs to penetrate.
Batteries for the transmitters are long life but it is recommended that they be replaced every 2 years. The main control panel which operates the system has mains power along with a 7 amp battery and a charging circuit.

The monitoring control room we use is a Grade A1 - the highest accreditation within Australia. This accreditation assures you of the highest level of service as the facility must have redundancy for power and communication and multiple staff on duty 24/7.  All this assures that any medical alarm events will be responded to immediately.