Security CCTV Systems

These systems are eminently suited to the ever evolving communications technology available to us.  Add to this the advancements in hardware and software and you have a system that is cutting edge.

Today’s Digital Video Recorders contain super-fast microprocessors that can keep up with masses of data provided by High-definition and mega pixel cameras.  These cameras will revolutionize the industry in the coming years.  For example, a car park area of substantial size will only need a single camera to view the entire area.  The replayed images can be zoomed in so closely as to identify a face or a single registration plate.

The advancements in technology and reduction in cost of hard disc drives now allow footage to be retained and accessed for much longer periods.

The other area that is growing in popularity is IP.   As most sites already have a network cabling infrastructure this is an easy and cost-effective alternative.

As the cost of components has come down it’s just a matter of selecting a system to meet your needs and cost structure depending on your requirements.  For example you may need to ID a vehicle’s registration during the day or night, have surveillance in your shop to protect against theft, monitor staff where cash may be involved, comply with OH & S requirements and much more.  



Remote Access

Most current technology recorders have the capability of being viewed from offsite.  Imagine the benefits of connecting to the Digital Video Recorder in your shop or residence through a smart phone or web browser from anywhere.

Pinkerton Security have installed over 100 systems in our service area, from simple two camera systems to cutting edge systems communicating over a wireless network that allows Pan Tilt Zoom cameras to be manipulated from a remote site.