4G Internet Services

New telecommunication Technologies are evolving at a breakneck pace, some services are becoming too complex for people to organise.

One such field is an internet service, to determine the data allowance you require, the speed of the proposed internet service plus how to setup a wi-fi network can be too confusing.

Why use a 4G internet service?

Over the years we have had many clients voice concerns on how difficult it is to arrange a new internet service let alone to resolve any issues, the service the telcos offer can be fragmented at best.

To streamline processes for clients we have been offering turnkey 4G internet services for several years now, thru Optus and Telstra (the two main carriers).

The benefit of a 4G internet service is that there is no third party involvement, you deal with us directly for all enquiries we then liaise with the selected Telco for the equipment, we would then carry out the installation and programming.

How this services works?

We consult with the client on what they are seeking, the amount of data they require per month, program a wi-fi network, we can also setup wi-fi boosters (Wireless Access Points – WAP) as well as any other services communicating thru the internet.

We setup the entire system, the client has nothing else to do, we also offer support and diagnostics, there is no endless waiting on a support call to a telco based who knows where.

With the setup tools to determine signal strength in poor service areas, we can install high gain antennas to pick and hold a 4G / 5G internet service.

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