Door Access Systems

An access system is designed to allow access to authorised persons through a door, gate, roller door or any barrier that can have a lock or opening mechanism installed.

What are Door Access Systems?

Door access systems have grown from a simple keypad that would unlock an electric lock to the present-day systems which are controlled through proximity cards/tokens that are badged across a reader (no touching parts) to determine if authorised access is granted.

Even on a large system (50 doors plus) this process takes less than a second, such is the processing power of modern day controllers.
Most mid to large access systems have management programs that allow asset managers/clients to manage their own systems. After the system is installed by an installation company it can then be handed over for client management.

What do Door Access Systems do?

Access systems can control automatic lock/unlock times for electric automatic doors, and there is also the capability of interfacing into a site’s fire system so all doors will unlock in the event of a fire.

They can control lighting, air conditioning and heating or any electrical device that has switching capabilities.

Access systems have become a part of everyday life, from car parks with boom gates entry/exit to elevator control and even apartment access.

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