GPS Trackers

These devices presently utilise the 3G network with many manufacturers in the process of transitioning to 4G communication due to the eventual shut down of the 3G network.

What are GPS Trackers used for?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is used for personal protection. Should the duress button on the tracker be activated a control room or a web-based management software program would be able to determine the exact location of the person who activated the system through latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

How do GPS Trackers work?

The tracker is a rechargeable device with system status and testing available on most systems. They are generally compact in size and unobtrusive.

We are seeing increased demand for these trackers which is partly attributed to the ever increasing 3G/4G coverage areas which directly allows greater coverage of the trackers.

We have a range of GPS Tracking Systems available, contact us to discuss or find out what we can do for you!

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