Security Cameras

Pinkerton Security has installed hundreds of CCTV systems over the years in various locations across North East Victoria and the Albury Wodonga Border region, due to the increasing popularity of video surveillance.

CCTV Systems

These systems are eminently suited to the ever-evolving communications technology available to us. Today’s Digital Video Recorders contain super-fast microprocessors that can keep up with masses of data provided by High-definition mega pixel cameras. These cameras will revolutionize the industry in the coming years.  

For example, a car park area of substantial size will only need a single camera to view the entire area. The replayed images can be zoomed in so closely as to identify a face or a single registration plate CCTV systems are a very powerful 'After Event System' with high quality images being used as evidence of an incident.

What's Available

The variety of cameras available is enormous from the standard dome cameras with fixed lenses and infra-red capability (able to see high resolution black & white in total darkness) to cameras with vari-focal zoom lenses to ultra-low light cameras or Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with an infra-red capability that can ID a registration plate hundreds of metres away.

With the growth in high resolution cameras the ability to store recorded events for a prolonged period has been addressed by proprietary video compression formats as well as the decreasing cost of Hard Disc Drives.  The evolution of the CCTV industry is driven by demand.

There are numerous growth areas for CCTV systems from OH&S requirements to staff and property protection, CCTV systems truly have a horizon free platform.
We have a range of Security Camera and CCTV Systems available, contact us to discuss or find out what we can do for you!

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