Duress Alarms

The demand for duress medical alarms and personal protection alarms has grown substantially over recent years. A duress system can be for residential or commercial application. The situations which would call for a duress system are many and varied.

Who they are for

Businesses such as chemists, veterinary surgeries, hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, organisations that interact with the public among others could all have the need of a duress switch which can be activated in the case of an emergency or security situation.

The duress could trigger an alarm, strobe light or call for assistance, there is also the ability to alert a control room to initiate a procedure such as calling the police.

How they work

Duress systems are generally connected to an alarm panel to allow for event processing, depending on what the requirement is.

A duress switch can be a wireless device or a fixed location switch or it can be integrated into an alarm keypad. There are many options to suit all applications.

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