Control Room Monitoring

A control room is a high security purpose built facility to receive alarm events from security systems.  Upon receiving an alarm event, the control room operators initiate a response according to a protocol put into place by the client (i.e. who to ring and in what order).

Control Room Grading

Control rooms are graded by the design of the building, level of services offered and the amount of operators at the site at any given time. The highest accreditation in Australia is A1.  There are numerous graded control rooms nationally.

The Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) carries out accreditation audits of control rooms as an independent auditor assures unbiased assessment of all facilities.

Grade A1 control rooms have a high level of redundancy in the event of services failure (i.e power outages, communication outages).
All events that are received by this type of control room are stored and can be retrieved years down the track.

Control Monitoring Events

A control room can monitor a wide variety of alarm events (i.e. intruder alarm, AC fail alarm, low battery alarm, hold-up alarm, duress alarm, GPS tracker alarms, smoke detectors, refrigeration alarm, plant alarms and communication tests). A control room can monitor almost any type of event that can be communicated to the facility.

When an alarm is switched ON, be it a commercial premises or a residence, there is enormous peace of mind knowing that the control room is there 24/7 monitoring your property and ready to act should an incident occur.

What We Do

Pinkerton Security uses a Grade A1 facility for all our control room monitored clients. Graded control rooms are often suggested by insurance companies as they meet all service and risk requirements.

Pinkerton Security offer all our clients after hours technical support by a qualified technician to further assist our clients should any issues arise.

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