Service & Maintenance

Your security systems are operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year. To confirm your systems are operating correctly and to reduce possible issues the logical solution is to have them serviced by a licensed security technician, as defined by Australian Standards. The cost outlay is minimal compared to what it could cost you if you have a system failure.

What We Do

When Pinkerton Security come to your site to test your system we not only test every component for functionality i.e. power supplies, batteries, communication system, warning devices (sirens & strobe lights), storage means (hard drives) but also check that any detection devices are not restricted in any way i.e. field of view, obstructions, site building extensions etc.

A service also involves testing the system’s offsite communication (if applicable).

Upon completion of the work a service sheet is either emailed or posted to you. Should any faults be found we will advise prior to any repairs being carried out.

You may find that servicing is mandatory for meeting insurance obligations and also for accreditation purposes.

Contact us to confirm your systems are operating correctly with a 'Service & Maintenance' check.

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