Security Alarm Systems

The flexibility of alarm systems has grown enormously over the past 10 years, alarm control panels can be adapted to meet the most exacting requirements.

The range and reliability of detection devices from motion sensors, door contacts, glass break sensors, seismic detectors or tamper switches allows for installations to be tailor made to suit client’s requirements.

See our security alarm packages designed to meet most situations. We are able to alter packages to better suit your individual needs.

There are predominantly two types of security alarm systems.

Audible Only

Security Alarm System

An 'AudibleOnly' security alarm system has external/internal sirens as well as an external strobe light. In the event of an alarm event the sirens and strobe light will activate but does not send a signal to a control room. Therefore, it is not possible to have anyone attend to the break-in unless a third party nearby hears the alarm and actions it.

Also, there are no capabilities to eliminate human error in remembering to switch the alarm on or to determine who switched the alarm on or off and at what time etc.

Control Room Monitored

Security Alarm System

A 'Control Room Monitored' security alarm system also has the capability to have sirens & strobe lights connected plus much more. This is by far the most commonly used system due to its secure level of communication to the control room.

Any alarm events will be descriptively communicated to the control room by the alarm panel dialler. A control room can identify which of the system users (staff) entered/exited premises and at what time. They can also determine where alarm events have been generated and the amount of activations.

System faults like AC fail, low battery and communication failure are also sent to the control room and recorded. When a control room receives an alarm event an operator will follow the client’s requests (i.e. send a patrolman or contact after hours recalls). When a security alarm system is control room monitored a premises refrigeration alarms can also be incorporated into the alarm system.

NBN & Communication Systems

A control room monitored system requires a means of communicating to the control room. For decades the most common means was an analogue phone line, however with the rollout of the NBN this option will be eventually shut down.

The security industry was aware if the impending implications the NBN would pose to alarm systems, so released communication systems that utilise a data bandwidth within the 4G network. There are many plans available to suit all requirements and the system also has an internet protocol (IP) communication path. IP systems offer clients functionality for remote control of alarms via an app plus remote control of any appliances connect to the 4G device (i.e. electric gates, heaters and air conditioners).

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